3 - Identify

Name: John

Title: Summoned Hero*

Class: None

General Skills:

Language of men - Lvl 10 - Passive

Identify Lvl 2 - Active


Vitality: 10

Endurance: 15

Strength: 11

Dexterity: 12

Intelligence: 45

Wisdom: 44

Health: 50/50

Stamina: 20/20

Mana: 78/100

That night, laying alone on a bed of feather and cloth, in the room I'd been guided to, I couldn't sleep.

There were others still awake, I knew. Out in the hall we'd all be placed, many were mingling. Some, for conversation- asking one another questions of idle curiosity. Others were mingled, for... well, other things, I imagined.

Shut away in my room, though, none of these were reasons for why I couldn't sleep.


Silk Pillow

This is a pillow made of silk. It is expensive.


Feather Blanket

This is a blanket of fine cloth, filled with feathers.


Glowstone Lamp

This is a light source.

I had questions. A lot of questions, in fact. Each one was tied together nicely with a big red bow of worry or concern in regards to my well-being. Or, the rest of the people who'd been drawn here for... what? Defeating the demon lord?

It felt ridiculous. In fact, were it not for the actuality of the events actually putting me here, in a castle, in what appeared to be a different world, I'd be confident it was ridiculous. Yet, as it was, I couldn't be sure. For all the questions on how things worked, what I was doing here, or how I'd get home: I only really knew that I didn't like that this all felt like a very elaborate kidnapping.

What had I even being doing, directly before this? It was difficult to remember, but I was almost entirely certain I'd be missed at work soon-enough. By tomorrow, I might be fired for a no call, no show. Then, what? If I ever got home, to find my credit shot for unpaid bills, no job, no car... Did that really matter, now?

We were supposed to defeat the Demon Lord, but no one had specifically explained said we could go home after.

It bothered me. So, here I was: getting answers from the only thing I could.


Bed Frame

Well-crafted frame of wood. Expensive quality.

I'd managed to make the skill rank up, once. From that, I knew there was clearly a power in the concept. To see a permanent improvement in an ability- even something like this, which only provided information, could be critical. Perhaps, not in defeating a Demon Lord: I had my doubts I'd ever identify anything to death, but in keeping me alive?


Still, I'd been working at this for awhile now, and finding that the rank wasn't quite as a simple to improve as I'd hoped.


Steel Sword

Sturdy weapon with no enchantments. Intended for both slashing and stabbing attacks.


Leather Scabbard

Scabbard of wood and leather, inexpensive.

[Skill - Rank up] - [Identify - Lvl 3]

"Finally." I mumbled, before putting the sword down next to me on the bed.

Tomorrow was going to be a big day, one way or another.