15 - Winner

It was morning, by the time I made it back. Leaning on a spear I'd found, I hobbled in slowly. Those awake to watch, seemed too tired to jeer at me.

Covered in gore as I was, I could have sworn one even gave me a nod.

"Hoo..." Kepler leaned back against his bunk as I stepped in, eyebrows raised at the sight of me. "Not dead, after all."

Exhausted, I stared back.

"No." I croaked. "Not dead."

"Look the part, though..." He wrinkled his nose. "Light, smell the part, too.

I looked about the tent, finding no one.

"Everyone?" My voice was raspy, throat parched.

"You coming all the way inside, or you just going to stand there?" Kepler asked.

Slowly, I stepped inside, letting the tent flaps shut behind me. I wasn't alone, I realize. On a top bunk, someone was sleeping. Mars, I realized.

Next one of the lower bunks, seated beside horribly bloodied armor, Jones looked on with a distant stare.

"Just us?"

He didn't answer.

I looked around the tent, hoping I was wrong- but there was no one else. Then, a wet rag hit me.

"Clean up." Kepler muttered. "That's an order."

"What?" I caught the cloth as it slipped from my face.

"Second though, take two." Pulling another cloth free and dunking it into a barrel, Kepler threw it in my direction.

"I... don't..." My brain was like slosh. Images of faces, of weapons, of people I knew, falling. Of screams and shouts.

"Hey there." Looking up, Kepler put a hand on my shoulder. "Cheer up, John. We won."

Name: John

Title: Summoned Hero*

Class: None

General Skills:

Language of men - Lvl 10 - Passive

Identify Lvl 4 - Active

Special Skills:

Hide Presence Lvl 1 - Active


Vitality: 12

Endurance: 16

Strength: 15

Dexterity: 19

Intelligence: 45

Wisdom: 46

Health: 41/50

Stamina: 4/20

Mana: 100/100