All Hail The Tiny Snake God!


The Snake Report:

Chapter List

Book I

Online here and at Royalroad as a second draft. The final version of this book is available on Amazon.

Book II

Readable online here in second draft form, as well on Royalroad.

Book III

Rough draft version has been started! Click here to read!


History of The Snake Report:

Originally spawned off a writing-prompt on reddit, The prompt was continued, carrying on to become something much, much more. So it was, that The Snake Report was born!

From humble beginnings: first posted in comments trailing off after a prompt over at r/writingprompts, then more formally as chapters over at r/jakethesnakebakecake and r/thesnakereport before finally- it was cleaned up and posted on RoyalRoad.

Now it's here!

As per tradition, rough drafts will be posted on this website. Eventually, after another round of fixes, these will also be posted on Royalroad (and the versions here will be updated) before moving onto ebook publishing.

It is my hope that the story will always be freely accessible online so anyone can read!

Banner art by u/Drummergeek0 and his wonderful wife!

Artwork by Magda, over at deviant art: [Check out her work!]