Book III - Chapter 20

Chapter 20

[Snake Report]

[Lesser Sentient Golem] hit a breakthrough.

Rank 25 is the magic number. After that, I got a notification as it made a shift over to [Sentient Golem]

Which, is interesting.

I’m not sure if there’s a consistent method of tracking when and how skills and spells seem to change, but I feel that one is worth noting.

That’s pretty high, far as the numbers I remember.

If I hadn’t already pushed Earth Magic past what was likely expected from someone, this might have taken a very long time.

Anyways, it wasn’t a spectacular sort of thing. Rocky squashed a scorpion I was hoping to have added to the hypothetical anti-intruder moat, and that was the feather that broke the camel’s back.

Or the magical system’s back.

One of those, metaphorically speaking.

Exciting times.

After an entire afternoon of testing my froggy companions with menial tasks and heavy labor though, I can say with certainty: the difference isn’t really noticeable.


They’re still not all that smart.

If anything, my Golem and their personalities seem a little bit more pronounced, but that’s it.

They’re just a little more aware.


Rocky is all about his responsibilities, standing guard over the sprout. Gorf just wants me to be happy with him. If I’m summarizing: they’re still just big, lumbering, lumps, but there’s a bit more of a “spark” there, when compared to before.

Unless I’m just overthinking this.

Could be, there’s no difference at all, and they’re just better at fighting, or something lame like that.

Considering how combat-oriented this world has been from the get-go, it wouldn’t surprise me much.

It’s safe to say, either way, I can’t expect to get a lot of intelligent beings out of this skill, no matter how much I grind.

The Golem crew will not be beating me at games of wit.

Also fair to assume: any aggression towards humans, is still unfairly rewarded by the system.

Or Gaia.

Or both.

I don’t know if they’re the same thing or not, but I feel like they’re close enough.

Scorpion might have been the last straw, so to speak, but there were plenty of notification messages before that. Typically associated with humans screaming.

Pretty sure we didn’t kill anyone, but I can’t say for certainty we didn’t come close. Gorf, specifically.

He got a little creative, towards the end there.

We’re going to have a chat, Gorf and I.

Later, though.

Slithered back downstairs to do a different kind of damage control.

Coincidentally, several random monsters were caught trying to to break in on the lower level, shortly after telling the messages I wasn’t interested in their offer.


Cross off the list as I go: monsters, humans, goblins, birds, dinosaurs, elves, more humans, that evil stone construct Eveth kept in the basement, a giant rock, and… some sort of ancient, primal, god-like, force of nature, that seems to be tethered to the very reality by which this world is governed.

Now, everyone is trying to murder me.


Keep ‘em coming.

See if I care.

They can all eat a jolly bag of donuts.

I’m taking my stand, right here. The humans and their stupid, bloody, Empire. Gaia and the system, and whatever god-awful monsters they’re cooking up down in the dungeons: I’ve been running away from dangerous stuff for way too long.

I’m tired of it.

This is my line in the sand.

My water-less moat in the sand.

Right here.

Just me, my tiny little tree, and my sentient lawn ornaments.

Tiny Snake God as my witness, so help me: I will go full Eastwood on anyone stupid enough to mess with this arrangement.

Get the hell off my lawn.

[Sentient Golem - Rank up]


I feel obligated to state that I’m giving up on the moat idea.

I don’t know what I was thinking.

My minions keep stepping on the scorpions.

This isn’t practical.