Book III - Chapter 0 - Heretic's Sermon


Hear me, all! I speak to those of you, whose bellies churn in hunger, whose babes cry out in thirst! I speak to you, and I feel your pain as if it were my own! For your faces speak out, louder than any shout, for all the hardship you have endured. Hear me, and know: the time has finally arrived.

Do you know, of which I speak?

Our armies dare not leave their posts, and our farms lay fallow: dried to dust, while monsters roam the lands.Have you seen then, perhaps? Those fearsome beasts, risen up from the depths themselves, to prey upon the weak? Even here, in humanity's most powerful bastion, death and ruin rein! Where coin now holds more value than life! I ask you: what have we left to us? As was long foretold, there can be no denying.

This world is dying: lashing out in violence, as it screams in horrid throes of a death most terrible.

The Emperor, our protector- may the Light watch over his Soul, has abandoned this Great City! With his fleet, his Mages, his Seers, the Church and all its faithful: he has left to fight another battle across the seas. All while here upon the Old Country, our lines falter! Even now, as we speak, the Dwarven [Constructs] are breaking through our Eastern defenses: Golems, intent on murder and death! Our villages are burning, our people are dying, and in place of order? There is no such thing.

Lawless men rule the roads. Villains and cut throats, where Royal soldiers once marched! In times such as these, I hear you, my brethren. I hear your words, whispered quietly- yet louder by every passing morn. I hear you, as you say: this is the end.

The era of ruin is upon us, once again.

So it was, so it shall be again. Should you look long enough, even in these dark days, some will say we should find refuge in our Faith. The First King's blessings, the Light and Salvation from on high: to cling to the strength of our ancestors, to believe that the God of Light, will save us!

Yet, will he?

For all these prayers: do you not wonder why silence is all you receive? Perhaps you might take hold of such powers, perform as Healers do: but will the God of Light ever speak to you as I do now? Will he tell you what must be done, what must come to pass?


Perhaps, some few of you still hold to the ancient ways, of Pagan trust in dead Gods- but do they answer your calls?

Again, I say: nay.

For all our crimes of necessity, for all our misguided deeds in the name of our very survival, the Church of Light will turn men and women like us away! The Old gods are dead, and so are we! Damned to die, labeled as wretched fools and sinners: yet, in our darkest days, there is still hope. For all my life, for all the evil I have done: I have found my faith.

Not of Light, no. Not of Man, or Kings, or coin. By the emblem I wear proudly: I have found a new God, and it has shown me the way forward. Let the stone crumble before him! Let his fires of green and radiance spare only the righteous, and hold back the darkness approaching! Let it be known!

All Hail!


10th day of the 1st month of the 4584th year after the great passing.

Titled - Heretic's Sermon

Heard and recorded by Scribe of the City, Luther Paul

Sealed in Trust, on Oath to the Empire