Book II - Chapter 77

Chapter 77



From the walls, from the coasts, from the mountains, even those deep beneath the stone: all bore witness.

Demons in the depths looked up at their prison of rock and dirt, seeking out which could not be seen. Creatures stared in rage and in hunger, heeding the orders and wrath below. That voice which commanded them ever onward.

Upon the Eastern lines, themselves, it could be said the [Constructs] were frozen for the briefest of moments: watching the sky. For what, those present could not say. Men turned, all in wonder at the echo of something greater.

Still, those close enough knew.

They knew, for they could truly see the column of Green as it reached up towards the heavens.

This solitary statement of rage and ghostly fire, which ripped away the darkness of night as it struck out against the sky.

Some few could claim to have felt the heat by which this brought, and shouted in fear. Down to their very essence, a terror crept into flesh, and blood, and bone. Even from a distance, the power could not be denied.

For what might create such a wonder?

Such a terror?

In time, it was agreed there could be only one answer. One, which even the Church of Light could not bury.

Out upon the plains, among the wastes, among the dust and storms:


There was a God.