Book II - Chapter 71

Chapter 71


[Snake Report]


[Final Miracle of the Large Frog God – Applied]

[Earth Element – Restored]




You’re sorry for what?


Hold on: tell me what you’re sorry for!

Don’t go!

I just found you, after all this time!

All this time, and there was someone else! Someone else like me!

I’m sorry I was praying to the Tiny Snake God, and not the Large Frog God! Please, just don’t go!



Title unlocked [Inheritor]

Skill unlocked [Lesser Eyes of Familiar]

Skill unlocked [Lesser Divine Blessing]

Skill unlocked [Lesser Possession]


I don’t understand.

Why did you make me come here?

If you knew meeting me was going to have this happen, why didn’t we communicate some other way?


What do you have to be sorry for?


Skill unlocked [Lesser Holy Ground]

Skill unlocked [Lesser Sentient Golem]

Skill unlocked [Lesser Future Sight]

Active - [Holy Ground]


I just… I don’t understand.


[Distortion Area Effect - Removed]

[Pending notifications]


[13/100] [!]

[14/100] [!]

[15/100] [!]


Wait… what?


[16/100] [!]


Wait. Wait. Wait.


[17/100] [!]

[18/100] [!]

[19/100] [!]

[20/100] [!]

[21/100] [!]

[22/100] [!]

[23/100] [!]




[24/100] [!]


Oh no. Oh no.


[25/100] [!]




[26/100] [!]