Book II - Chapter 38

Chapter 38


Snake Report:


I've cracked the code.

Answered something that's been bugging me for a long time.

Puzzled out the reason for why this world works the way it does.


If you meet specific criteria, you'll level up.

I know that well.

I've done that almost 100 times now, so you could say I've gotten pretty good at it.

If I destroy monsters, practice skills, survive dangers, grow stronger: the world will reward me.

More than that, really: the world will sweeten the deal.

[Skill points] are handed out, and those can be used to buy abilities after a level up. My senses get better: each new level lets me move quicker, see further, smell and taste and notice details farther and farther down the line, but it brings up some questions.

For example: "why?"

Why does the world invest in creatures this way?

It's clearly not just me. I've always felt that other monsters in the dungeons likely operated on the same premise.

They tried to kill other monsters the first chance they got, and when it came to humans? Then, they were even more bloodthirsty.

It was a clear-cut sort of life: kill, survive and grow more powerful.

But again, why?

If there was a reason for it all, why encourage such a system?

What purpose does that hope to serve?

[Enemy of the World]

I think I get it now.

It makes sense. The pieces fit together, all too well really. This title, these last few hours, they're the final nail in the casket.

I can't sit out on the sidelines, any longer.

It told me as much.

I have to pick a side.

Either, I'm with them or against them.

[Servant of the World] or [Enemy of the World]

The whole purpose of the dungeons, the leveling, the skill and the points: it was to create a monster.

Like me.

How many creatures did I kill and receive nothing for? Maybe I might have leveled from them, but outside of a few exceptional circumstances, they typically gave me almost nothing besides the [5] points I'd get with an ordinary level.

That’s measly hand-out.

Probably just enough to give a few basic skills in a lifetime... but killing humans?

Not so.

No wonder that monsters try to kill people.

Even if they're lacking intelligence, I've always found that instinct knows a good deal when it crosses paths with one.

If you practice a skill, it gets stronger. The skill will rank up or evolve as you work at it, but they were always available in the menu too. The next rank was always there for purchase if I wanted to waste the points on it.

[1,000] points at a low level could mean a huge edge on the competition.

[12,000] points, offered up and fresh for the taking. Works out to [1,000] for each person.

But... how many would I have if I burned down this city, I wonder?

Hundreds of thousands?

No... millions?

If I destroy an entire city, I doubt there would be a single skill I'd have to pass up.

What's a few hundred points when I've got hundreds of thousands to spare? I could simply purchase them all, scroll through the menu and take whatever I wanted.

What a deal.

All I'd have to do is kill every human I came across.

Kill everyone.

All humans, no exceptions.



To just take, and take, and take...

So easy.


No. No. No.


No way in hell.

I'm not playing this stupid game anymore, and I certainly I don't care what sort of titles get slapped on me for not cooperating.

[Enemy of the World] huh?

Well bring it on. I'll gladly bite the hand that feeds me if it's going to try and make me swallow that pile of shit.

[Servant of the World] huh? Just be a good little serial killer! Rewards aplenty!

Well I got news for you: I don't serve the world.

Never have and I never will.

You know what I serve?

The Tiny Snake God.

That’s right, motherfucker.

There's only room for one mystical and divine force in my life, and it ain't you!

Yeah. You heard me. I don't need your [points] or your stupid menu, or even your dumb levels! What good have levels ever done for me anyways? Huh?

Nothing! That's what! Hell, [Voice of Gaia] hasn't even worked recently, and I've gotten by just fine!

Just fine!

Watch me: I'll just take my skills and make them stronger on my own! I'll practice every day and be the strongest snake you've ever seen, and if you send monsters after me? I'll torch the shit out of them! I'll go full green-fire barbecue on their asses!

Like this!

And this!

And I'll swirl dust in their stupid faces! I'll drop ice-cubes on their back! I'll pierce their foolish flesh with my fangs!

Unbearable suffering will befall them!

Like this! And this!

More dust! More ice! Cold yet? HA! How about this!

Yeah, you bastard! Take that! I'll show you!

You try to mess with my people? You try to mess with me? Look at this tail! This is an Italian mafia tail-wave! This is some god-father level shit! You're going down! You won't even believe how bad it's gonna be!

I heal you back to life just to fry you a second time!

Like this!

Ha! Ha- HA!

And this!

Feeling healthy?

You're God-damn right you do- but you're about to be back in a world of pain!


And if that doesn't teach you? Well the Tiny Snake God will-



I'm out of mana.