Book II - Chapter 22

Chapter 22

Snake Report


To her credit, I think Imra saw the attack coming, even in the dark. The millisecond before impact she swung back with a wicked spin motion.

The “THWACK” sound.

Pretty much a guarantee that something painful just happened.

Something broke, I'm sure of it.



He's carrying in on momentum: didn't even flinch.

Another kick.

This time, Imra swept his legs. Really low, she threw him down: hard.


Is he drunk? Immune to pain?

Apparently, that just pissed him off.


That was a heck of a tumble, but he’s still coming for us.

What the hell is wrong with this guy?

“Cursed Blood.”

Arm broken, practically rolling on the ground- and he’s trying to get up and take a swing.

Nasty looking knife he's got.


Getting up.

His posture is a wreck. Hurt this bad, most people would stay down.


Screw this, too creepy.

Imra, we need to leave.

“Yes, Great One.”



Absolutely not.

Something’s wrong with that guy.

Instinct has been in panic mode since the riot started, but this is it’s own special batch of “nope.”

We're moving again.

Covered in blood… maybe some type of disease? Some sort of fantasy rabies, or something? I mean, Imra definitely broke his arm, probably one of his knees...

God, as if humans in this world weren’t already scary enough.

Imra's got a good sprint going. Zig-zagging along at a decent pace.

It's just a cluster of buildings here. There's no rhyme or reason to them. Even the "streets" we come out on are basically widened alleyways.

We've got company, though.

More voices are sounding.

Angry shouts, the rapid patter of steps and heavy breaths, clanking of armor.

Gotta be soldiers.

Out in force, too.

"You! Stop, in the name of the Emperor!"

Definitely soldiers.

We’ve broken out into larger side streets, but whatever riot’s happening has spread to them too. I saw a whole group of soldiers marching down the last one. One of them was clearly casting fire magic, not sure on what.

Or, who

I think they’ve been dropping down from the ships.

One of them can't be more than a hundred feet above us, floating low.

The flares being set up are getting more and more aggressive. They’re sounding out like gunshots. “CRACKING” in the sky. Raining down from all directions now. Whatever started, isn’t coming to a quick stop.

Speaking of which.

Hey, Imra. We need to keep moving: gotta keep ahead of this mess.

“Yes… Great One…”

She says that, but she’s still slowing down.

Sprint has dropped to a jog.

Now, we're walking.

What’s wrong, you were moving just fine a minute ago?

“Yes… Great… One…”

How about “No, Great One.” Considering we’re not even moving at all, now.

What’s the deal?

I seriously don’t want those soldiers to find us. Plus, that weirdo might still be running around, somewhere nearby. Just cause you dealt with him once doesn’t mean we should risk something like that again.

Guy gave me the creeps, big time.


I guess we’re just going to sit here?

Are you really that tired?

We can't stay here, you know? Those soldiers are only a street or two off from here.

"Yes... Great... One..."

Imra’s starting to slump against a wall.

I don’t get it. What’s…


Why’s your hand clenched to your side, Imra?






That’s a lot of blood.