Book II - Chapter 17

Chapter 17


Snake Report:

It’s a frog.



I’m not sure.

What’s the difference between these, again?

Doesn't matter.

It’s about one full slither away, and looming.


More than large enough to swallow me whole.

Don’t move.

No shit, instinct.

I’m not going to move.

I learned my lessons.

Why isn’t it doing anything?

Could this…

Could this be a sign?

Tiny Snake God? Are you listening?

Is this a sign?

Is this a-

Oh shit.

It’s looking at me.

Don’t move.

I’m not going to move, instinct! For Tiny Snake God’s sake, you think I’m crazy? Huh?

I mean, maybe I am- a little, but anyone would be by now!

Tiny Snake Life is a struggle!

Sign from the Snake in the Sky, or not: I’m going to torch this guy if he doesn’t hop right on down the line.

It better back off, or else.

I have been through way too much crap to survive this long. I am not about to be swallowed up by some pleasantly plump looking desert frog-toad-thing, who hasn’t had to work a day in his life.

Bet he was just born, already adapted to his environment. Silver spoon in froggy-hand.

I mean, look at him. Blends right in.


Weird skin, makes him look like a rock, or dirt.

Or both.


Sss… come any closer, though, and you’ll be dirt for real.

[Leviathan Breath] is officially primed.

Ready to fire.


What is it doing?

It’s turning away?

Hopping… away?

I’m not worth it.

OH snap.

How’s that?

I’m not worth the trouble!

Tiny Snake, flexing on potential predators!

Go pick on someone you own size, you hear? That’s right you stupid frog-toad! Hop on off- and keep hopping!

Right on towards the… wall?

The wall?

Wait, frog-toad!


That’s dangerous!

Don’t do it!

From one monster who doesn't want to eat the other, turn around!

Oh, he’s so dead.

Any second now, an arrow, or some sort of magic attack…

Any second now…

Have the guards up on the top of the wall noticed?

There’s movement up there. I see a torch shifting about a little, and…

What the heck is that?

Above the wall, there’s something flying up there, behind the wall… it’s got sails.

Is that a flying boat?

Did Miss Paladin mention those at some point?

I feel like she did.

That’s awesome.


Where’d the frog go?

It was just there, I know it was… Seriously, where did it go?

How the hell can it blend in so well?

I only looked away for like, three seconds.


The Tiny Snake God sent me a sign in my hour of need, and yet somehow I’ve already lost it.

I can’t believe this.

It just blends in so well, that-