Book II - Chapter 13

Chapter 13


Snake Report:


Good news, is last night, Imra didn’t die.

Not quite up to the bar my original [Spirit Attendant] set, but my words were apparently moving enough to convince Imra to stay put.

Bad news, is I’m a terrible person.

Well… snake.

If the species didn’t have bad enough reputation before me, at this point I’m just enforcing that stereotype.


“Great One, I believe there’s something here, in the wreckage.”

Good- I mean, LET ME SEE.


I’ve found Imra to respond a lot better if I’m loud.

Well, mentally loud.


Right now, it’s early morning.

After spending the entire night wide-awake, waiting for something terrible to happen, it didn’t. So, now Imra and I are going looking through what was left behind by the humans. We haven’t found much, but I figured it was worth checking.

One man’s junk might just be a tiny snake’s treasure.

“It is broken, but sharp.”

Imra just dug up a… piece of pottery?

Couple pieces, looks like it was a plate before it broke.

“Not glass, but it will serve us.”

She’s wrapping it in some cloth.


Now it’s like a +1 [Elven Prison Shiv] or something.


Cool, cool…

Guess the Humans didn’t leave much.

Pretty sure I saw few of them stop and eat something, but then they loaded back onto their convoy. Didn’t even make a real camp.

All we’ve found as proof of that, is an empty bag. I’m presuming that had was holding whatever they ate. Grains, or something.

There was a strip of leather near the road, which is potentially useful? Must have come loose from a wagon. There are also traces of what might have been a campfire.


I don’t know how they made one without wood, so it was probably magic of some type.

But, nothing much else.

All this makes sense, considering the humans never even made camp. Not really what I was hoping for.

Probably treasure.


I’m still mad about that box.

“Great One?

Yeah? I mean: YES, LOYAL ELF?

How did [Spirit Attendant #1] do this so easily? I keep forgetting to use the voice.

“What of the wreckage? Should I search there as well?”


Oh. She means the wagon I burnt to a crisp.

Hmm… saw the humans poking around that for awhile last night. Really doubt that anything-

“Great One, look!”


No kidding.

I take it all back: maybe that stupid box really did have something useful, after all. Despite having been set on fire in an improvised escape maneuver, some of the contents didn’t burn up.

Looks like it was dyed with literal charcoal, but that’s a cloak.

Most of a cloak.

Okay, it burned a little bit.

[Cloak of Barbeque]

Still, nice find.



Well, we’ve got some starting gear, I guess.

Bandai Namco feel to it, far as basic equipment goes, but still.

This should be enough.


We should probably get going.

Morning only lasts so long.

Just got that feeling, know you?

Today is gonna be a hot one.