Book II - Chapter 11

Chapter 11


Snake Report:


When you leave the camp feeling like you can take on the world, only to slink back a couple hours later smelling like burnt treasure and shame, sometimes all you can really do is accept it.

Win a few, lose a few…

It is what it is.

Some days just aren’t going to be the best.

I love setting stuff on fire as much as anyone, but it happens to be a lot less fun when you’re stuck in the middle of it.

It’s important to try and look towards the Brightside, though.

Brightside, is [Passive Healing] must still be working.

Mostly recovered from when the wagon collapsed on me… and then, out from under me.


[Heal] is a great spell, but if it’s going to make me feel like I’m getting hit with a cluster headache every time I try and use it, I’d really rather not.


Also: [Leviathan Breath] got the chest open.

I mean, it worked.

Not the right tool for the job, but that could have been a lot worse.

I’m not forever trapped inside a box.

Would have been an embarrassing way to go.

The long slither of shame back to camp dust bowl gave me some time to reflect on that.

I am really not used to this.

Being helpless, I mean.

Getting reborn as a monster has had its ups and downs, but I’ve never been this completely… weak?

Not since I was a super low level, way back when.

Truly, a box should not present any significant challenge for me.

I’m a monster from the depths of… well, the depths! The natural disaster himself, slayer of dinosaurs, destroyer of sanctuaries, lord of Goblins and Elves alike!

All that, and I almost got stuck in a treasure chest.

Not even a good one: a lame one.


How the great have fallen.


I need help, but I really don’t think any of that is on its way.

So what if Fire still works?

[Voice of Gaia] just won’t answer anymore. First were those weird messages, but now it’s just quiet.

At best, I get a brooding sort of silent: “…”

My [Spirit Attendants] aren’t much better. Sometimes I almost feel a “tug” from those, but there’s never a response. No glowing orb of shouting fire appears, or anything.

Earth magic is good for nothing, and Healing keeps making my head hurt.

To make matters worse, I think we’re officially running out of water. Been trying for the last couple minutes, and I can barely get more than a few drops at a time.

While I’m alright, Imra’s probably starting to feel it.

Seems like all she’s been doing is sitting very still and breathing as slowly as possible.

So, not much to drink.

Not good.

No more lizards have been foolish enough to get close to this tree, either. Therefore, no more food…

Also, not good.


This isn’t sustainable.

I hate to admit it, but without Earth Magic: Tiny Snake Camp [Dust Bowl] is a bust.

We need to leave.

This is a pit-stop detour area at best. At this point, our next move is to pick a direction and just start. Abandoned or not, people were travelling along these roads. If we head back that way, we’re bound to run into something. Get on one of those roads, and see if they don’t intersect with a village, or settlement.

The wagon I found was probably a good sign, in that respect.

Someone has got to still be living around here.


I know leaving is a risk, but we gotta take it.

Otherwise, our options are already looking like a slow death.

“Great One: the wind is speaking.”

Seems Imra has come back to reality.

At least, a little.

I mean, the wind is speaking.

“Something approaches.”

Well, that’s ominous.


Over-sized ears are good for something. She’s right. I hear it too.

If I listen closely…

Not sure what that sounds like.


Hard to tell while under a tree. I’ll have to poke my head out to take a look.

Better not be one of those lizards.

Been waiting on those suckers way too long for them to just show up the moment I stopped paying attention.

Weird noise, though.

If it’s lizards, it’s gotta be a whole stampede of…


Not lizards.


Far off, but I’m going take a guess and say my misadventure with the wagon attracted some attention. Unintentional smoke signal, maybe.

Lizards don’t carry torches.

Those are people.