Chapter 86

Chapter 86

Snake Report: Life as a False God, Day 9/Lost in the Surface World, Day 1

Toxic Flesh. Dangerous if consumed.

[Unique Traits] are things I haven't ever really considered much until after the fact.


I mean, sure- I read them, but I guess I never really thought them through.

Never in my mind did I consider getting eaten whole a serious method for achieving victory.

As they saying goes though: A win's a win.

The bird wretched me up at an altitude of a few thousand feet. I was showered like a 747 dumping on a fly-over state, surrounded by odds and ends- bits of bones and droplets of Bird-stomach-related things.

It's raining snakes, hallelujah

I guess owl-monsters in this world can cough up more than just pellets, not that it really mattered. Apparently, by my actions of surviving on a diet of almost nothing but poisonous Mushrooms and mana-crystals, I've gone and made myself a really unpleasant meal for would be predators. So unpleasant that after coughing me back up, the Giant Owl went and died.

How do I know for sure?

[Northern Forest Guardian - Legendary Owl Slain: 3,000 Points]

Hisss... A very encouraging message to receive, if not for the other circumstances requiring my attention.

Extremely Toxic Flesh. Fatal if consumed.


Ah, there's another one.

Off in the yonder distance of the horizon, I watched its body plunge lifeless through a canopy of giant trees with a shower of feathers and tree branches before disappearing from my sight. I might have taken a bit of satisfaction in this, if I didn't promptly follow-suit by doing much of the same.


A shower of leaves and a shower of pain.

"CRACK!" A branch, "CRASH" Another branch.




It's important to stick the landing with at least a portion of your body unbroken, but if I could see my health bar, I think there's a very high probability it might be in the red. If I could even lift my head to check, I imagine I might seem more like the letter "Z" than any living snake has a right to.


Active, passive, magical Healing or not: this might be time to take a breather.