Chapter 70

Chapter 70


The history of the world, or possibly just a story... A very long and detailed story, that sounded a lot like she'd heard and told it before hundreds of times.

I suppose maybe that was just a mad-ramble of some half-dead person, but I'm not quite convinced. To me it was much more like a single person in a church choir than a delusional muttering.

Still, I guess there's no google to find out, now is there?


An immortal... A long but painful life.

The wise and ancient King... The Gates of Magic...

A story like that: it makes me miss books.

There are no books in the dungeon, which is a crying shame. There's nothing to do but sit and think in a place like this, unless I'm running away from something or getting eaten alive.

I'd rather sit and think, compared to the alternative options. There is quite a lot to think about if I have the time, after all. Existential crisis and confusion, magics, stone working plans, and fever-ramblings of an almost-dying person.

So the King, the Immortal King, had gotten what he hoped for at the end of that story. After searching for an answer in quiet solitude, forgotten deep beneath the ground... Make me wonder.

Death? An exaggerated way of saying the immortal finally died?

Sounds about right.

The Immortal King died then... It seemed like that might have been implied. But more than death, he got more than death... Or maybe he got something better than death?

I feel like there are a lot of better options than being dead, but perhaps that's just a biased perspective having reincarnated.

The Gates of Magic though... Did those mean actual gates, or some sort of metaphor?


"[Voice of Gaia] What are the gates of Magic?"



It answered.

A non-answer, but it still did it.

Not sure what that means, but it's obviously something.

Stuff to think about, for sure.

That's all quite a lot to throw at a half-paralyzed snake trying to concentrate on water magic and earth magic at the same time.