Chapter 65

Chapter 65

Snake Report: Life as an ascended being, Day 2


It is morning here in Camp Olympus.


Miss Paladin is awake, but I'm still too weak to be anything but a scarf. She doesn't seem to mind much, although she keeps staring at the hole in the floor.

Long way down.

That's probably the first thing on my to-do list: Seal up that space so neither of us fall to our deaths by accident.

Tougher than it sounds.

Despite a full night's rest, I'm still almost useless.

I can feel a bit of my [Earth Molding] has come back, but it's pretty weak. I'll be running on low-power snake-settings.

It'll be enough for now.

First thing is a a barrier for that dropping point. A nice looking stone lattice...

Now, if you’ve done earth magic with me before, you know this is the fun part of this whole technique. It's important that we focus our chi, relax our scales, and really focus on our mana. Shake loose any non-magic related thoughts- just beat the devil out of them. This is where you can take out all your hostilities and frustrations. It’s a lot of fun.

Okay, now we can let the magic out, wash away the old stone and make it new stone. That’s the fun part of all this, shake it off, cover everything in the snake-studio just like so...

I'm sure you've had enough of the Bob-Ross impression, but that's sort of what this feels like when running on low-power.

If I was some sort of industrial stone-melter and carver before, I'm more of a hobbiest now. I figure if three sets of hands were working soft clay, that's about my Stone Molding capacity at the moment.

It's good enough for some careful work, but I'm not really positive how much I'm actually going to get done.

It doesn't take too much thought though. Widening out the room a bit, adding some barricades to keep us from falling through the floor, raising the ceiling a tiny bit.

I think I might try and go with a rough staircase this time. Human-sized.

Hmm... Might take awhile, but Miss Paladin isn't exactly capable of fitting in a tiny-snake-tunnel.

"___ ___ ___"


She's looking at the lattice I just made, pointing out my detailed inscriptions of the Tiny-Snake-God and his holy Frog Prophets.

"____ _ ____ _ _____"


I can tell she's a big fan, probably going to convert from human-Paladin religion.




I really wish I could understand her. These conversations are tricky without any context. Good ol' Communication... I guess I never realized how important it can be. Language is like some sort of super-power really, like telekinetic mind-sharing powers: It's basically magic from the outside-view.


I'm such an idiot.

"[Voice of Gaia] Are there any language-related Magic spells?"

"Beneath [Knowledge element] there are Language Magics that can be unlocked and purchased by [Level] and [Skill Points]"



I feel so stupid right now.

"_____ ____ ___ ____"


Yes, Miss Paladin, you're right. I'm definitely missing that ever crucial intelligence stat.

"[Voice of Gaia] List them."