Chapter 56

Chapter 56

Snake Report: Day Whatever/Watching Humans Report: Official Day 8


Tiny-Snake and Human Camp Alcatraz Tower reporting: Forty-five slithers high and climbing.


For the Forecast this morning, we have nothing but depressing dark waters, overshadow of rock ceilings and cloudy surfaces- with a chance of Megalodon attack.

A growing chance.

Now for Miss Paladin with the sports- Miss Paladin?



Ah yes, well said. The Eels really did beat the other Eels, great game. Lots of Giant-shark-attracting red stuff in the water now. They fought the good fight.


I really need to get us the hell out of here.


From the tower, I've finally gotten to the height where taking a look at my surroundings is reasonably possible. Spitting a few fireballs long distance helps me get a good picture too. Those things go Faaaaaaar. Pretty fun, though probably a waste of magic.

My findings are about what I already knew.

We're not dead-center, but I'd say that this rock-island is about as close as reasonably possible from being relatively-equidistant to every wall of this cavernous underground lake. Hundreds of feet in any direction before "land-fall" and even then, there's no shore to speak of. Some big pillars, but no actual land. You'd be scrambling against slick walls while the Eels closed in.

For that reason, swimming is NOT an option, and neither is making a rock-boat.

Yes, I think it's possible. An object will float if it weighs less than the amount of water it displaces- I might have to make a pretty big section of rock, but I think it could be done.

That's your Bill Nye moment of the day.

The more you know.

Hisss... No boats, no swimming.

Just looking down, I can see a bunch of dying Eels, some weird shit that won't surface but is poking some eyes up just above the surface, and of course: The Megalodon fin.

Truthfully speaking: I'm absolutely dumbfounded that Miss Paladin managed to get us here without dying. I don't know if we were just moving quick with the current, or the explosion scared everyone, or what. I can see a few other similar islands in the distance, but getting to one of them and not being dead seems more luck than anything.

Is there a luck stat in this world?

I'm putting that question on the to-ask list. That sounds like it might be a thing.

Up though.

Up, the direction: That's what matters. The whole plan since Camp Big-foot. Go up, escape, eat human food, live the dream and be the tiny-snake you've always wanted to be.

I've been working hard at it.

At this point, I'm guessing only forty something slithers from the ceiling.

It's still far, but I can see it a bit more clearly. Nothing seems to be living up there, but I'll know for sure in a day or two as I get closer.

It's hard though. Earth Molding doesn't make material from thin air, it needs stone to work with. Already I'm starting to take an unnerving amount of material from the island's core and work it upwards. It's starting to give me the impression of hollowing out the island into a weird looking bowl... or a straw.

A troubling conundrum, considering I have no idea how much of it is safe to take before I break something and the Eels come pouring in with the flood.

Here's hoping that can be avoided. I've made the core room of Camp Alcatraz as sturdy as possible in the even of such an occurrence.


Below though, my fellow islander isn't inclined to staying put in there. As per usual, Miss Paladin is watching my every move. I think she's starting to worry I'm going to abandon her down there or something.

Hisss... Seriously.

I'm a snake, not Satan.