Chapter 53

Chapter 53

Snake Report: Day Whatever/Watching Humans Report: Official Day 6


Creepy Eels taste a lot like chicken.

I know that's a common go-to for what food's taste like, but I'm serious. They taste like roasted-chicken. In a world gone to hell and back, that's a big deal.

But, adding to that: This is also a rather special occasion, on par with a Tiny-Snake's first fireball, or genocidal sacrifice to the tiny-snake-god. Besides Mushrooms and Magic crystals, this is the only thing I've eaten that hasn't resulted in immense suffering and a teetering mind-set of nihilistic values. In fact, it's actually really, really good. I never thought I would say this, but I'm glad it somehow jumped over a fifteen foot wall and tried to kill us.

There are spikes on the wall-top now. Preemptive measure, as Camp Alcatraz is really shaping up to form. Still, the Eel: We even cooked it in a stone oven, crisped to perfection. I think I ate a quarter of my body-weight, unhinged my jaw and everything: the real deal.

I'm snake enough to admit, that wasn't actually my idea. Miss Paladin used more than a fair share of gestures to convey this plan. She's been looking at me funny ever since though.

"_____!" She said, pointing at me with a rather angry expression. "_____!"


I like to interpret that as "You're one cool snake!"


Yup, that's what I'm going with.

Miss Paladin's really keeping morale in high spirits. But anyways, I wasn't kidding about Camp Alcatraz. I've gone above and beyond even my own expectations in the process of trying to burn off the overflow of mana. Below I will list a few of its many features.

-A massive fifteen-foot perimeter wall (Now covered in sharp spikes)
-A thick stone grated drinking pool (Upcurrent)
-A thick stone grated not-drinking pool (Downcurrent)
-A carved summit interior with a stone oven- complete with external chimney, two bunks, two chairs, and a table.
-A raised watchtower now reaching an estimated height of thirty feet. (Snake use only: Only 70 more feet to go before I reach the ceiling!)

Pretty neat. So far so good.