Chapter 5

Chapter 5



Quick, fun, entertaining? Yes.

Labor intensive, exhausting, somewhat clumsy? As luck might have it, also a yes.

It's the kind of motion that makes a reincarnated human wish for more efficient methods of travel. This is especially true when contemplating running away from a giant predator. Well, sliding away- not running.

Fleeing in some way, some shape or form.

Slithering is going to be my only option, but that suddenly doesn't seem so great.

In fact, moving at all seems impossible. I'm frozen stiff.

Like a statue, made of snake instead of stone.

Instinct has done some sort of override.

I didn't know it could do that, but I guess that's what I get for ignoring it so much.

Curiosity got the better of me, and now this is happening.

A stare down with death.

Human curiosity... what the hell was I thinking listening to that? Curiosity kills cats.

What if I had been born a cat instead of snake?

I'd already be dead- that's what.

See, there's a giant centipede in front of me.

It has as a bunch of eyes, and they're all staring at me from above the half eaten corpse of Mama snake. They're watching me, seeking movement, waiting patiently above clicking mandibles and twitching legs.

Everything is in excess. It has way, way too many of all those listed.

Way too many. This thing isn't normal. This is a freaking monster.

Oh my god, this thing is a freaking monster. Its eyes are glowing.


Here I was thinking I knew the meaning of that word. I mean, apparently I just died, and that was pretty scary- but this is worse. This a a behemoth, horrific and gruesome as any b-rated horror film I caught on the latenight sci-fi channel.

Only it's not fake.

Blood dropping down its manibles, I'm almost certain I'm about to be murdered.

This: This is fear.




The temptation to try and slither to safety is there, but this is most definitely not a clear cut thing.

Slither to where?

For example, I have no idea where I am. A cave, sure- but what kind of cave? What if there are other creatures like this one? Better yet- what if this one just follows me and eats me? It's huge! It's probably fast! It's eating a snake that has to be thousands of times my own size.

Giant Centipede has already set the bar tremendously high as "A creature not to be messed with."

This is bullshit. Worst spawn point ever. Barely five minutes alive, and it's already game over.

Oh geez.

Instinct:"Don't move."

Instinct is still holding firm on this one, which is good, because human-side is trying to go about making peace with life for the second time in recent memory.

I guess I did live a decent life as a snake. I hissed a little, slithered a little, got devoured by a giant and terrifying insect. All in all, not the worst, not the best. I'd give it a 6/10.

Instinct:"Don't move."

Part snake, part human, part statue, part at peace with the universe: and though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death...

Wait. Something else moved.





Oh god. Oh Jeez. Oh holy shit snakes- the centipede just struck something. Oh god, it's like some sort of shelled lightning covered in blood.







I just witnessed a murder.

Perhaps a sibling, or maybe just an unsuspecting bystander.




They're being eaten. Oh god, those mandibles are like razors.


Instinct:"Move... move slowly"

Human: "Yes boss."


I am slithering. Slowly but surely.

Like I have never slithered before, I am slithering.

There are horrific glimpses of razor mandibles snapping down on some unfortunate and unknown soul to my right.

Oh geez. Oh geez.

Just a bit farther. Down this path, away. Gotta get away.





Instinct:"Move faster- FASTER! MOOOOOVE! MOVE MOVE MOVE-"





Oh fuck

Oh fuck

Oh fuck

I wish I had legs, oh god do I wish I had legs, gotta get away. Gotta-

Ah! hole in the floor!




This is insane.

I haven't even been alive an hour, and I'm already having a close encounter with death. Theres a set of glowing compound eyes and smashing mouth-pincers trying to rip up my hiding place.

The hole doesn't go down any farther.


I'm so dead.

It's like an inch away.


I'm so dead- This isn't fair! This is a load of crap! I was just born for god's sake! Give me a freaking break!

"CRAAAAAAAW! Craaaaa..."









Wait a second... is it gone?

I don't see it up there anymore.

Is it just waiting for me now? Sitting right beside the hole for me to stick my head out?

Oh god.

I bet it is.

Oh... this is so messed up. I'm not going back out there. Now way, no how.

I'm staying in this hole, forever.

This is a safe place.

This is nice.

Nothing trying to kill me here.

Unless... oh thank god. No, nothing here. Just me, some rock. This is a nice little divot in the ground.

Safe space.


I'm so tired...

I feel like I just ran a marathon, and I still don't have a single god-damn clue what's going on-

[Spawn survival: SUCCESS]





What is thisssss-

[Current: Level One]


Level? Spawn? What?