Chapter 48

Chapter 48

Snake Report Day Whatever/Captured by Humans Report: Official Day 2


The humans in this world are absolutely crazy.

Crazy- as insane. Bonkers, loony, two pancake's short of a Denny's Grandslam.


They've left the no-monster zone, and now we're going in deeper towards the origin of my birthplace. The zone I accidentally set ablaze and burned rather completely to ashes.

In fact, we've already gone in deeper than that, if my guesstimate of this woman's footsteps have any true bearing on reality. We're in past what I'm familiar with.

Sometimes the cloth falls off my magic barrier-shoebox, and I can take a look out before the Young-Gandalf covers me back up.

I'll reflect on that statement later, I'm sure: The moral of the story is I can't help but recognize anything other than danger everywhere I look.

See ahead? From my tiny vantage point behind Ms. Paladin's shoulder I can see bones all over the floor. Really big looking bones, all gnawed on and such.

And to the left, there's another passage. One that has been quite obviously burrowed out as if by some impossibly strong claws instead of my refined and dignified magic. Even without seeing deeper into that darkness, instinct is basically screaming with a megaphone that I shouldn't go closer.

The craziest thing about the pair of humans, though, is that while all this is going on, they're actually stopping and taking notes. The Wizard has a little book and some pencil-like tool he's been scratching away with.

They've been documenting lefts and rights I think, mapping out a path, all while I've just been trying not to scream.

"_________" The Paladin said something with a serious tone. The Wizard has his staff ready now. "_____________"

"____" The Wizard is replying, also sounds serious. The cloth covering is coming a bit loose. I can see a bit more, we're at a fork in the tunnel. A left and a right option- in my opinion both look like terrible choices.



That wasn't me. That was the "left" option.

Ms. Paladin is moving right with a sense of urgency. From what I can see of her face, she doesn't seem too thrilled about this.



Oh shit.

The ground is rumbling.



A set of eyes is staring at us, glowing a deep, deep green atop two sets of white fangs.

That's a really, really, really big snake.

It looks hungry.

So much for diligent note-taking. We're apparently just legging it.