Chapter 41

Chapter 41

Snake Report:


I carved out another twenty feet of rock and stopped early. Something is different about the stone now. I think I might have broken through a layer or something, moved up into a different evil level of the caverns. For all I can tell, I'm about to tap into a new section- maybe some other tunnel.

Hard to say for certain, but I'm hesitant to move upwards any further just yet. I'm worried I'm going to pop out in the middle of some sort of dangerous place and get myself eaten.

Instead, I'm thinking about heading horizontal and breaking back out into the split ceiling pieces. I can probably mold out a ledge to travel along that way, and avoid any surprises.

Of course I could also potentially fall hundreds of feet, land on a floor that will set me on fire, and have two startled humans brutally murder me.


I'll decide tomorrow.

Now, onward to the human report.


Snake watching Humans Report: Official Day 1


The humans have walked along the entire border of the Giant Skeleton's domain. They were very thorough, and I think they were looking specifically for traps.

They also walked to the Westward opening into the room that I came from originally. I have had to reseal Camp Big-Foot with [Earth molding] to avoid detection. From what I can tell, they've only gone a little ways up that tunnel before turning back.

Since then, they've only gone in and out of the giant doors (which seem to have been permanently opened) and not back towards the arbitrary West. Instead, I guess they've been sticking to the Arbitrary South-East.

Weird all around. Completely guessing, but I think they're trying to find a way out of the dungeon. Probably scouting back the way they came.

I heard some shouting, so I think they might have run into monsters one or twice. I know near the sealed entrance to Camp Big-Foot there have been some predatory visitors. Things are finally moving back into the area since the fire, and I've even seen some Giant bats fly past my balconies at night.


So there's that.

As for the humans right now, the day is winding down and the wizard has made a weird magic camp-fire in the center of the room. from my vantage spot overhead on my lower balcony, I can say with confidence that they're looking pretty miserable.

I'm thinking its the food situation.

They're both staring at a tiny piece of... bread or something. Even from here it looks like a moldy rock, but the way they're eyeing it would make an onlooker wonder if it's a roasted turkey with a side of green-bean casserole.

The struggle is real.

Not like they can eat the poisonous mushrooms that I've been making do with, but if they starve to death down there I'm probably going to feel guilty about it.


No... Scratch that.

I know I'll feel guilty.