Chapter 40

Chapter 40

Snake Report: DayTwenty-seven? I'm not really sure anymore.


The two humans have woken up and made camp in the middle of the rune-covered floor.

Coming clean here: I might have had something to do with it.

It took some ingenuity.

Camp Big-Foot ground level, I tried to see what would happen if I put the tip of my tail down on the room's floor. It was an experiment, just a curiosity to know if it was just all in my head.


Well, my tail started smoking almost immediately. Those pretty blue scales of mine were singed like I'd gone and rolled it around in hot coals.

It seems that the terrain is most certainly not-ok for me to enter. Strangely enough, it seems that the Humans are unaffected. When I asked [Voice of gaia] "what gives?" The magic replied with "[Sanctuary space]" so I'm out on a non-existent limb and write this up as intended.

The Big-bad-boss was defeated, and now the heroic adventurers have a safe space to rest. That sounds about right.

To me, anyways.

So, how did I wake up the humans? There's a question with an interesting answer.

In the abbreviated story, I threw a rock at them. When it landed, the rock broke and they huffed some of the fumes.

I'm a bit proud of this, mostly because I lack arms so throwing should have been impossible. I can pick things up with my tail, but it's still a bit tricky to lob anything with accuracy.

So I got creative.

Against my better judgement, I put another one of those glowing crystals in my mouth. Then I spit the thing so hard it practically exploded on impact.

I call it: [Fire-ball II: Rock-launching]

First try, one shot. Not bad, if I do say so myself.

But I'm a bit nervous now.


Some things only become obvious upon reflection, you know? The details I was casually overlooking for the sake of species preference.

I'm a snake.

More accurately, I'm a snake Monster in a deep and evil cave where everything is out to kill just about everything else.

Further: One of those humans shot a stright up hyper-beam when they were probably already half-beaten to death.

They're dangerous.

I'm "Dangerous"

Kin-ship aside, we're not about to hold hands/tails and sing kumbaya. Hissing polite formalities at them will probably give them decent reason to try and murder me.

I'd rather not be murdered.

Operation [Earth Molding towards the heavens] seems like a safer bet than human interactions for now.


I'll observe from afar in the meantime.