Chapter 38

Chapter 38

Snake Report: Day Twenty-six



[Level 40]


[BRANCH: Magic Being]



[Toxic] - Toxic Flesh. Dangerous is consumed.
[Crystalline scales] - Increased Defense
[Omnivore] - Capable of eating non-monster food-stuffs.
[Affinity of Flame] - Bonded to the Element.
[Legendary] - A rare being. Not often seen, known only to Legend.






[Poison resistance: Rank X]
[Fire resistance: Rank II] - Affinity*
[Mana resistance: Rank XX]



[Passive Healing XX] - Automatically being to recover from injuries. Mana drained as a result.
[Heal I] - Third rank of healing.
[Flame element] - Affinity*
[Leviathan breath II] - Rare ability. Advanced variation of [Flame Breath]
[Fireball II] - A ball of flame, capable of long-range.
[Earth element]
[Earth Molding V] - Second spell rank of [Earth Manipulation]
[Water element]
[Water Manipulation I] - Ability to actively mold and shape water.
[Knowledge element]
[Voice of Gaia VI] - Knowledge embodiment. Spirit of the world.
[Divine element]
[Royal Spirit of Man] - Acquired.

So... I did something.

In memory of Hero-Frog, Vengeance was swift and righteous. I was an instrument, a tool for the Tiny-Snake-god's wrath.

The Giant Skeleton is defeated.

The two humans almost did it on their own, I think they actually might have come pretty close. One more hit, maybe.

But then they ran out of steam.

Young Gandalf basically used hyper-beam, then took an immediate dirt-nap. The paladin let loose one heck of an opened-can of "Turn undead" on the Skeleton, but I guess being an evil immortal Giant has some perks.

On fire, rib-cage displaces and chain-smoking magic fumes, peppered with the white glow of some sort of holy-faith laying an all-mighty beat down on it: The Skeleton just didn't die.

I'm not sure if I should call myself a kill and credit-stealing bastard, or a hero.

A bit of both, maybe?

Tiny-Snake-God forgives though.

It's alright.

Morallity is in the eye of the beholder anyways, and really that's just me because neither of the humans have woken up since the fight. They're just sort of laying there, like rag-dolls. All limp-limbed at what not.

I went about my daily upward expansion operation as normal, came back, and they're still there.

Out-cold by the creepy door.

A door, which is open- by the way. There is a long and ominously dark hallway beyond it. Probably a whole section of the Dungeon that has been shut-away for centuries.

Now, I'm not totally heartless. I was a human once. I really don't think I have a tremendous amount in common with these people, considering when I was a human Magic was a Hollywood and Television only sort of thing, but I'd help them if I could.

But I'm not sure that's going to work out.

The problem is that they're laying on the creepy floor, which now gives off a different vibe of paranoia-inducing sensations than it did before. A sort of "Your kind is not welcome here" type of feeling that bothers my monster-instincts a whole bunch.

It's weird, but not "You'll get trapped and crushed beneath a giant's fist" sort of weird. More like a "Don't walk on this, you're not supposed to sort of weird."

But in that, lies the problem. Literally.

Those two humans are still unconscious, and I'm starting to wonder if they'll die. Its been a day or so, if my concept of time is even somewhat accurate. They're in bad shape.