Chapter 33

Chapter 33

Snake Report: Day Twenty-five


It's difficult to say when it's actually day or night in this Dungeon, but I feel like I've gotten a decent enough handle on it.


With that said, a full day has now passed without the Giant Skeleton moving an inch.

It's just standing there, terrifying as ever, staring at the door.

Much as I want to continue on with operation [Earth Molding that can pierce the heavens] I'm scared to put myself at a disadvantage. I still think it might come down to the classic horror twist. This world has tried to kill me at almost every turn, I don't see why the evil Skeleton would be much different.

There is a theme going here: Everything is deadly. Trust nothing.

So there. No trust. The Giant Skeleton is plotting something. Something terrible.

Something terrible that's going to happen any minute now, any second.


No... Now.

Still no... Soon...


Still, the Giant Skeleton is staring, watching the door.

The door... Maybe that's a hint. It's huge, its covered in runes and carvings that are all rusted over. No visible damage despite the beat-down that I had grown accustomed to, so probably magic.

Flat, no handles. Iron... or metal of some kind. Something that can visibly rust, so it's not Gold or something fancy. Thirty something feet tall, at the very least. Outside of the runic bits and whatever images might have at one point been visible, I'm not really sure I can tell anything else.

But the Giant Skeleton can.

It's waiting for something. It knows something- something that I don't. That's the only thing I can think of. It knows something about that door has changed, and it's waiting...





So that's it.



It was waiting for someone to open the door.