Chapter 31

Chapter 31

Snake Report: Day Twenty-four


Today is not normal.

It started normal, it made it most of the way normal, but now it is not normal.

I've used most of my magic for the sake of operation [Earth Molding that can pierce the heavens], and I'm now watching from a previously made balcony overlooking the Giant Skeleton and the runic floor.

Only, there is not music to my lack of ears.

There is silence.

For the first time since Hero-Frog, the Giant Skeleton has stopped hitting the creepy door.

Instinct doesn't like this much more than I do. We're both waiting for the traditional horror twist: The evil turn and skull-grin with the smolder of an ancient hatred. Maybe even some dark-gothic theme song in the background.

But that hasn't happened.

I almost wish it would. Just get it all over with so I can stop being so on edge over here. I've already slithered my way up and down the passage I carved out to check the Mushroom tunnel that leads to the Skeleton room, and though there are now a few signs of recent Monster activity, nothing has approached the trap-floor.

No Monster has been brave enough since the Frog.

Yet, the Skeleton is just standing there... Doing nothing. It's perfectly still in the middle of the circular floor of runs.

Still... Watching... Waiting.

For what?

I have no answers to the question, and it's bothering me to no end.

The door?

That's the direction it's staring. Something about the door seems likely, but after trying to break the thing down for who-even-knows how long, I wouldn't expect the Skeleton to just give up on a whim.

Maybe sometimes even Giant Skeleton's need a break. That could be why. Every couple hundred years, he takes a breather from being evil and terrifying, to think about life and such.

Or undead and such. Whatever.

This could be a very important even, like Halley's comet, or a solar eclipse. The type of thing I'll one day tell my grand-snakes.

"Yes little snakelets, your Grandfather was there when the evil Giant Skeleton of the Dungeon took a break. He stood around all day, and did absolutely nothing at all- and by gods did he do it ominously."

Yes, I can see it clearly even now.


No, this is still bothering me. The sudden stop like this, after being consistent for days. Something is different, and I don't like it.

It makes me nervous.