Chapter 30

Chapter 30

Snake Report: Day Twenty-three, Continued


I went about continuing my upward digging with a new resolve.

The magic crystal I made the mistake of swallowing dissolved a long time ago, but its effects are just starting to lesson. Before they do, I want to make the best of it.

[Earth Molding III] makes this easier.

Over one hundred feet upwards. On the balcony I've made to confirm, the Giant-Skeleton and the creepy door are actually starting to look a bit small.

Or, normal sized, more likely. They don't look nearly as scary from up here.

What's much more encouraging though, is the drafting taste of wind. A faint and pleasant sweeping flow of fresh air is reaching down from above, and if I look up- I can see along the massive crack between the two sides of the ceiling, there is the faintest hint of light.

Just like when you look at it from the ground below, but slightly brighter.

I am confident that my plan is working.

With this much mana, even if the overflowing effects of the crystal are lessening, operation [Earth Manipulation Molding that can pierce the heavens] is in full swing. If the surface is as far as another thousand slithers away, I can still be there in a month at the worst case. Fifty slithers a day, multiplied by twenty days- factoring in a steady improvement of efficiency.


I estimate twenty days or less until I reach the surface. Less than a month before I can escape this terrible dungeon, and hopefully eat something other than blue-mushrooms.

Honestly, I would settle for just about any kind of human food. Eggs, chicken, rice, beans, bread, pasta: Anything. I'm not trying to complain, but Blue-Mushrooms and shiny rocks haven't been the most appetizing menu items.

Both also almost killed me.

If I can eat those things, I'm sure I could eat a sandwich or something. Even if it tried to kill me, I think I could handle a sandwich.

Human food...



"[Voice of Gaia]: Do Humans exist?"


Nothing... The magic was used... decent sized query there, but no answer.



This has happened a few times before. When I asked "Why" a whole bunch of times because I felt like I was dying in a fire from the inside out. That sort of occurrence, mostly.

Because of that, I think this Magic seems to work better with direct context. In some way, I feel like that makes at least a little sense. It identifies things, it doesn't act as an all-seeing oracle. The Questions need to have some basic reference to go off of.


"[Voice of Gaia]: What is that Giant Skeleton below?"

"[Veel'Osa, Lord of the Damned]"


"[Voice of Gaia]: Who is Veel'Osa?"

"[Veel'Osa, Lord of the Damned] is the cursed and Ancient Prince of the [First Men]"


"[Voice of Gaia]: What are Men?"

"[Men]: Term and title for [Human] beings."


AH Ha- Wooooah! WOAH.



Hold on a second.

That last question drained a lot.

Like, I'm getting a little woozy and lightheaded, so much more than normal...

Crystal burning is still in effect though, I feel that still. Ah, it's coming back, but that definitely just wiped out 80% of my magic in a flash.

Quite a bit of magic for one question.

Really strange... maybe it has something to do with context again? I feel like I bent some rules getting that answer. It's not like I've ever seen a human as a snake, just a Giant Skeleton banging on an equally giant door.

Neither of those things are humans really.


I'll wait for a few minutes. Take this time to collect myself to the musical tones of bone and iron smacking on a massive creepy door.

Soothing. From this height, I feel that these sounds have some nice acoustic qualities to them. Really impressive, probably the arching stone- presents some decent amphitheater-style effects.

Ah... Wow, this recharge time is really slowing down. I must be on the trailing ends of the magic crystal here. I'm not sure if that's a good thing, or a bad thing. Not dying to the horrible feeling of magical fire is well and good, but unlimited magic is also pretty over-powered.

Having at least something going for me was kinda nice.


Maybe I'll hold off on questions for now. Focus on heading to the surface instead.

If I have to decide between eating another crystal and going without a few answers, I think I'll be going without answers.