Chapter 29

Chapter 29

Snake Report: Day Twenty-three


[Mana resistance: Rank XX]

[Passive Healing: Rank XIX]

[Voice of Gaia: Rank V]

I slept.

I really did, I slept and woke up, used magic and then went back to sleep.

Somehow... Somehow I'm alive.

Like someone with alcohol poisoning, too stubborn to go to the hospital. I basically puked up magical spells and rolled back over into slumber.

I also shed my skin, several times from the looks of it.

Insert joke about onions [here-] No. Stop that.


Outside of asking the [Voice of Gaia] nonsensical and open ended questions like "WHY?" over and over, I think I mostly used [Earth Molding]

Camp Big-foot is now a large human-sized bunker, complete with replica stone sofa, table, chairs, and book-shelf. At it's center, the shrine to the little-snake-god still sits.

The absurdity is noted. Half-awake molding magic is just that. I made whatever would make the pain subside while I spammed questions.

Somehow though, I think I've now reached some sort of middle ground.

I feel sick. I still feel pain.

But I think its less.

I'm going to attribute this to [Mana resistance: Rank XX]


Slowly but surely, I am becoming immune. Like some ancient ninja that injects themselves with poison from a young age, the effects are lessening. First the Mushrooms, now the Magic Crystal... It seems I've taken the long and winding masochistic-route to survival.

The seemingly endless magic is also a benefit.

In a strange way, I think my magical reserve has increased.

It's not just the overflow from the crystal that has long since dissolved and poisoned the ever-hissing shit out of me. Though it's still overflowing a bit, my magical reserve is easily twice what it was before, maybe even more. The more I used magic, the more of it I seem to get.

I guess it's like a muscle, only I've been working it out while using dangerous steroids.

It's not the only thing that has been adjusting though. I faintly remember other things popping up along the edge of my awareness.

"[Voice of Gaia]: Show me my abilities."

[Level 34]


[BRANCH: Magic essence]



[Toxic] - Toxic Flesh. Dangerous is consumed.
[Crystalline scales] - Increased Defense
[Omnivore] - Capable of eating non-monster food-stuffs.
[Affinity of Flame] - Bonded to the Element.
[Legendary] - A rare being. Not often seen, known only to Legend.


[STATUS: Lessening]

[MANA-BURN] - Magic exceeding capacity. Damage inflicted. Status is the result of consumption - Large [Mana Crystal]



[Poison resistance: Rank X]
[Fire resistance: Rank II] - Affinity*
[Mana resistance: Rank XX]



[Passive Healing XIX] - Automatically being to recover from injuries. Mana drained as a result.
[Heal I] - Third rank of healing.
[Flame element] - Affinity*
[Leviathan breath I] - Rare ability. Advanced variation of [Flame Breath]
[Fireball II] - A ball of flame, capable of long-range.
[Earth element]
[Earth Molding III] - Second spell rank of [Earth Manipulation]
[Water element]
[Water Manipulation I] - Ability to actively mold and shape water.
[Knowledge element]
[Voice of Gaia V] - Knowledge embodiment. Spirit of the world.
[Divine element]
[None] - None

Hissssss... I can't believe I'm still alive.

Even the pretty looking rocks of the world want me dead.