Chapter 24

Chapter 24

Snake Report: Day Eighteen


[Earth Manipulation: Rank V] was reached.


I'm getting better at this, maybe six whole slithers worth of height added to the total. I feel like, although it is going to get more difficult to level up this skill with time- it also become much easier to use.


In a weird way I think this is evening out. Hopefully I can keep the pace of ranking it up with greater and greater distances per day. There's trouble with planning that far ahead.

I was so confident after the successful ascension, I almost slid out of Camp Big-foot right in front of a Giant Frog. At the last possible second, Instinct saved me: I maintained a Frozen Posture at the edge of the entrance-way.


This one had three heads. One spikey, one warty, one plain. All in all, the frog gave off a very sage-like and understanding sort of appearance.



Holding true understanding and power.

It sat just along the edge of the cavern passage, inches from the polished floor of mysterious seals and runes.

Staring at this frog, frozen in a mix of instinct and fear, I came to find myself considering the background which lead it to this place, details rolling out within my mind's eye.

From the depths of the Dungeon, far, far to the West- it witnessed the horror of fire sweep through the caverns. Perhaps its froggy brethren did flee, falling dead at his warty-green feet to pass a single message: "Avenge us, Sage-Frog."

So it was that the Three-Headed Frog carried on through the dark depths of the Western Dungeon, travelling towards the source, past the ash and burnt husks of those who once lived in this place, past Camp Summit and finally arrived here.


That's almost certainly how it must have gone.


Now, he stares at the Giant Skeleton. Behind those three Froggy-faces, deep and misplaced hatred, a desire for revenge on the Monster which wrought such terror upon his-



He jumped in.