Chapter 23

Chapter 23

Snake Report: Day Seventeen


Another four slithers upward in the manner of progress. Then I had to stop.

[Earth Manipulation: Rank IV]


I'm not going to complain. This is much easier than yesterday. The ability is tough to use for long periods, but I've been working a steady pace of a slow and winding spiral.

The base camp at the bottom, followed by a spiral upwards into another flat resting space, followed by another spiral into another resting place.

It's a very simple design. I don't have arms or legs, so I feel like this is really the only way to do things even if straight up and down might be less distance to carve out. The stone down here is very tough, but if the surface is only a few hundred feet away, I think I can make this work out within a few months.

As I popped back out of the lowest level of my expanding camp, I collected another few mushrooms and watching the giant skeleton bang on the door.

It's a wonder he can just keep going like that. He must have recovery magic up the wazoo, otherwise I think his arms would have crumbled to dust ages ago.