Chapter 22

Chapter 22

Snake Report: Day Sixteen


I think it's safe to call this "grinding."

Both in the metaphoric sense, and the literal: I am grinding.

The Earth.

The Stone.

My mental and magic reserves.

My patience.

Onward and upward, Progress continues until it doesn't.

It took me over four hours to run low enough on magic for instinct to start shouting at me to stop.

During those four hours, I managed to get about three whole full-length slithers worth of distance out of the stone.

Already, I'm having some slight doubts with my plan, but progress doesn't always start quickly. In this case, it's going to have to build up some momentum.

[Earth Manipulation: Rank III] Is going to have to be a reward in itself. If I can make the skill more efficient, this should get easier with time.


I end my day early after taking a quick slither out of Camp Big-foot for a few glowing mushrooms.


The Giant Skeleton is still hitting the creepy door. Same as before.


Consistency can be comforting in odd ways.