Chapter 21

Chapter 21

Snake Report: Day Fifteen


I have moved my tiny-snake-base of operations to just outside the creepy giant skeleton's space. I call this base Big-foot.


It's probably my finest work. I plan on staying here awhile.

Now, I'll admit. The Immortal Giant Skeleton makes a lot of noise as it bangs on that equally giant and creepy looking door. The beauty of this, though, is the fact that if a tiny-snake with some semblance of earth magic covers up the equally tiny entrance way to Camp Big-foot, no noise gets in.


Peaceful Slumber: perfection.

But there is on slightly tricky problem.

Snakes are not good at climbing giant stone walls. Especially not when falling off of them, results in touching rather suspicious looking runic etchings.

That giant Skeleton is touching that floor, but I personally think they've made a rather compelling case against it.

So no, I'm not going to touch that floor.

I'm actually rather concerned by the fact that it glows red and seems to whisper dark and mysterious words sometimes.

But at the same measure: I'm not going to try and climb along the sloped walls of the ceiling and stupidly fall right into the middle of it either.

Instead, human-side of things has a plan.

A long, boring, cheating-the-game-mechanics sort of plan.

Operation [Escape the Dungeon] phase two: [Earth Manipulation that can pierce the heavens]

It's a long name, I know.


But that's because it's probably going to take a long time.