Chapter 18

Chapter 18

Snake Report: Day Thirteen?



I have awoken to the familiar look of shed skin. Quite a lot of it. In my sleep it seems instinct took over just like all the other times I've leveled up.

Gotta shed that skin. Fact of Snake-life.

Still, strange as it sounds, I don't feel that large, and I haven't gotten much bigger. I still fit in the hollowed lair I created. At best guess, I cant be much larger in mass than the average snake you'd see in someone's garden. Maybe a bit smaller.

Weird, considering I have the title of [Leviathan]

Maybe I just need to eat more?

I might have killed half a cave full of monsters, but all I've eaten are glowing blue mushrooms.


Still: Lesson learned. Getting answers using [Knowledge magic] is apparently dangerous. Caution for the future strongly recommended.

It knocked me out. Clean out: Running low on magic in the world is apparently a swift K.O

From now on, I'll have to limit questions. One per day.

It's all well and good safe within a tiny-snake lair, but out in the open that could be deadly.

Still, today is the day that I emerge. With [Earth manipulation] I will part the stone and sprout from the earth like a bug emerging from the ashes of a forest fire: New life in the wreckage of the Tiny-Snake-God's Pyre.

Part snake, part periscope.

It is time to make my return to the world.



It's very dark. Smells like burning... Nothing moves but the faintest trails of smoke.

Well, this makes sense, it is a cave after all. Or a Dungeon? [Voice of Gaia] definitely called this place a dungeon. There isn't going to be much natural light in a place like this.

Still, I remember I could always see before, even if it was dim.

Ah... Right.

I burned all the Mushrooms when the Spider bbq happened. They were what kept this place aglow.

Hissss... Well, somehow I can still see a little. It's dark, but it's not completely pitch black. Everything is scorched though, which probably isn't helping much.

There... I can make out the familiar land marks. The Arbitrary West... The Arbitrary East.

It is time to go east.

Slight detours aside, mission [Escape the cave] continues.