Chapter 17

Chapter 17

Snake Report: Day Twelve


I bought all of them.

Maybe that was foolish.

Still, I'm trying not to have too many regrets in the choices I make, so I'm doing my best to avoid serious worry over the decision.

Even if I mess up, I'm sure the god of Tiny-snakes will forgive me.

Purchases came out to be a bit more interesting than I expected.

[Water element] Unlocked [Water manipulation I]
[Knowledge element] Unlocked [Voice of Gaia]
[Divine element] Unlocked...
Nothing. Maybe I should have figured as much. It was free, after all.

[Water Manipulation I] was just about what it sounded like. A spell to move water around, and make it do things. In the Tiny-snake-temporary-lair this isn't a particularly useful magic. There's no water here, so it'll have to wait.

[Voice of Gaia I] is a completely different story.

I take everything back about the 100 points being a trap.

It's not a trap. It's wonderful. It's the long awaited Question and Answer session of my dreams.


Sort of.

It's close though.

Close enough.


"[Voice of Gaia]: Show me my abilities."



[BRANCH: Magic essence]



[Affinity of Flame]



[Poison resistance: Rank IX]
[Fire resistance: Rank II] - Affinity*



[Passive Healing II]
[Basic Heal II]
[Flame element] - Affinity*
[Leviathan breath I]
[Fireball II]
[Earth element]
[Earth Manipulation II]
[Water element]
[Water Manipulation I]
[Knowledge element]
[Voice of Gaia I]
[Divine element]


Now how about that?

I feel a bit of a drain, but it all shows up, I can look at it. I can see these things without leveling up. One better, I can ask questions.

"[Voice of Gaia] what is [Unique Trait: Toxic]?"

"Toxic: Toxic flesh. Deadly to consume."


Hisssss. Finally, answers.

Short answers.

Brief and not very detailed, but answers.

The sensation of draining happened again; substantial this time.

"[Voice of Gaia] what is [Title: Leviathan]?"

"Leviathan: A beast of power. Known to lurk in the deepest depths of Monster Dungeons."

Oh. Monster Dungeon. The RPG vibe wasn't far off the mark after all. I'm starting to make sense of this, at least a bit.

"[Voice of Gaia] what is [Title: Divine Beast]?"

"Divine Beast: A ____ ____ ____ __"



I'm out of magic.

I can't move.