Chapter 16

Chapter 16

Snake Report: Day Eleven


I used earth magic to dig into the cave floor and seal myself in while the fire burns itself out.

I'm fairly certain it's on its way to settling, but apparently it's still burning.



See, that's how I know. I keep getting reminders.


Well, since I turned this cavern into a living hell and escaped into the ground, I've had a lot to think about. Thoughts, both snake-related, and human related. Pondering really. As of this moment, I'm now [Level Thirty]

I feel like that's a rather large number.

Its a reasonable understanding that the more levels I earned, the harder it was to get more. I noticed this just in the struggle to reach [Level Six] before I turned the cavern into Dante's inferno. Surviving to reach that wasn't a walk in the park, but I feel like reaching [Level Thirty] holds much more significance.

To have reached level thirty on Mushrooms alone. I get the feeling that would have been almost impossible.

This thought hovers along, but there are others crowded in beside it.

Most of them are brought on and personified by the masses of glowing text in my vision.



[Level Thirty-One]

This is intimidating.

I feel the influence of it clearly. My vision, my sight, any of my senses seem to be crystal clear compared to before. I feel much, much stronger.

Strangely, my magic is all about the same. For minor exception of [Flame Breath] which now floats with the title [Leviathan Breath]

I think this makes me rather comically lopsided in my Magical growth. [Basic Healing], [Passive-Healing], [Earth Manipulation], [Fire-ball] and [LEVIATHAN BREATH]


One of these things is not like the others.

But magic is actually the least of my concern. It's the other things that came in which really bother me.






These are all new. As always, there is no explanation. Trying to mentally poke or prod at them provides nothing of value. They're just sort of "there" for some reason. Just like the [125 Skill points to allocate]



A lot of points.

This could unlock a large number of new spells. I've looked back through the lists that are open. There are many, many more than before. All of the basic ones seem to start out cheap, and all of the advanced ones are still impossibly expensive.

They're all still fixed around [Healing], [Fire], or [Earth], same as before.

But 125 points...

Enough to think it's a lot, but not enough to do the impossible.

Almost enough to be tempted. Enough to charge head-long into the Trap.

  • [Water element: Level I] Cost: 5 points
Unlocks future Water magics.
  • [Knowledge element: Level I] Cost: 100 Points
Unlocks future Knowledge magics.
  • [Divine element: Level I] Cost: 0 Points
Unlocks future Divine Beast magics.

One reasonable option, one trap, one suspiciously free gift.

So one reasonable option and two traps. All within budget.


For once, I'm actually tempted.