Chapter 14

Chapter 14

Snake Report: Day Ten


A large group of spiders tried to eat me today. It was absolutely terrifying.



There were dozens of them. On the ground. On the walls. In the air.

Spiders are very good at jumping.

But- what's much more troublesome is that they can use webs. Webs that are very, VERY difficult to see.

Webs that let them hand suspended and quietly above my head, before pouncing on me and wrapping me up with numerous and painful bites.

Venomous bites.

I will not sugar-coat this experience. If I didn't make my living by eating poison, I think I would have surely died.

I was completely wrapped in a web before I could even think of escaping. My beautiful blue scales were easily punctured in several places, and I was most definitely injected with poison of some variety.

I was a tiny-little snake, wrapped in a tiny little cocoon, waiting for a tragic and terrible demise.

But then the spiders left.

So, I take back what I thought about their intellect. There was no specific grudge, I think they just wanted to eat me. Looking around in the web they stuck me, there were dozens of similar occupants. Each and every one of them wrapped in a thick layer of webbing.

Only a few moved. The rest looked like they weren't really "there" anymore. From a distant example of several slithers distance, I confirmed these were mummified things. Hungry spiders sucked them dry.

Still, I wasn't really very thoughtful of this at first. I was much to busy using [Basic Healing] to keep myself from succumbing to the bites and venom. Counting down: One heal, two heal, red heal, blue heal... On and on it went, until I found I wasn't dead or dying. It seems that as I've leveled, my reserve for magic has grown accordingly.

Makes sense.

So, in summary: Not dead, but very much stuck in a web.What is a tiny-snake to do in such a position?

Hisss... It was here that I made a very large mistake. An error of magnitude.

I used [Fire Breath]