Chapter 13

Chapter 13

Snake Report: Day Nine


The arbitrary West goes down.

The arbitrary East goes up.

North and South are walls.


So it is: East is the direction I must go. Simple and decided, behold the Power of Human logic.

Of course, it's not nearly so simple. There are many variables in play, most of which could easily get me killed.

For one: the bats. They fly out from West to East, and Return from East To West.

That's both encouraging and troublesome.

If I am to go East, it can't be when there are a thousand bats flying around looking for food. It needs to be timed wisely, lest I end up like my friend the frog.

Two: there are still other creatures in this cave, and ever since I set that spider on fire, the arachnid side of things has been much more aggressive.

They never approach, but glossy sets of eyes watch me. Their mandibles make strange noises, and they move in groups that follow where I go. Though it's probably just my Human-side exaggerating, I think they know what I did.

From the dark look on those many polished eyes of glass: I can feel malice.

I think they want revenge.

I think I've been marked for death.

Hisss... Creepy.

Monsters with intellect.

It might be possible.

Well, it is possible: I'm here, after all- so, there are these things to consider. Moving about unfamiliar territory is just as terrifying as it ever was, even if I know fire works on some of my enemies.

Still, I've started my efforts with earnest attitude. My work ethic on this subject is of top-tier quality.

[Escape the Cave]

I will accomplish this goal. I've set my mind to it.

The Tiny-Snake-God would be proud.