Chapter 12

Chapter 12

Snake Report: Day Eight


I shed another skin. As it seems to be the case with each level up or just about, I break free of my old skin and emerge anew: a healthy tiny-snake.

Well, small snake. Tiny to human standards, maybe, but I've been forced to renovate my hole in the ground yet again. If I were to describe what it looks like now, I'd have to say it looks like a regular hole with a small tunnel that leads to a peaceful looking rectangular space about the size of a shoe box.

The walls are made completely from stone, but for the exception of a weird looking crystal that seems to be embedded in the layers. It glows a pretty blue, but much stronger than the mushrooms. I've left it as it, and have been using it as a light source for the tiny-snake home base.

Things are going well.

I've decided that my shed skin can pile up against the western wall of this space. With the assistance of [Earth Manipulation] I've managed to stack them up. I don't know what else to do with them really. Eat them? No, that seems like it would be a once-removed form of self-cannibalism. Not really into that.

Leaving them there for now.

I made a shelf for extra mushrooms. I don't really get hungry like I did that first day, but it's difficult to predict the way things will turn out. There is always the chance something will trap me in here, and I'll have to wait them out.



It's a Unique skill I possess even without the glowing letters of approval.

There is a problem though.

Frog's-Pillar is slowly, but surely, running out of mushrooms.


It seems that these glowing blue delicacies I've come to know and love, don't spread very quickly. In fact, I haven't seen a single motion of the ones I've already eaten returning any time soon.

Perhaps this makes sense.

Even after a full week of living in this cave, I've still not seen another creature try and eat the mushrooms. I only ate a tiny sliver of one- after cooking it with fire no less, and I almost died even after healing myself several times. For a normal monster, this would probably result in the development of a [Don't eat this] sort of mentality. The Mushrooms are not seen as food by anyone except me.

But that doesn't mean they won't run out eventually.

There are other Pillars with less sentimental value and significance, but if I continue to grow the only accessible food-stuffs will be in dangerous places.

Places where Spiders, or Frogs, or Giant bats might swoop down and devour me.

Truthfully, I need to escape this place. I'm out of my league. It's like I spawned in the deep-end of the pool, never getting a chance to to learn how to swim.

If I stay here, I'll drown.

My main focus is decided.

[Get out of this cave.]