Chapter 1

Chapter 1


There are a lot of great things in life, but Death isn’t one of them.

I’d go so far as to say, that if I were to line every experience in life from best to worst, I’d put that fun-sucking bastard right at the very bottom.

Because Death? Well, it’s simply not something I recommend.

Really, I find it difficult to believe we’re all so okay with the process. I mean, it’s just down-right terrible, you know?

… Well no, I guess you don’t.

Relax- that’s not your fault, I just forget myself when I ramble. Of course you don’t know: no living person I’ve ever met has ever really gotten through that mess and come back to tell me about it, and if they said they had? I wouldn’t believe them.

That’s exactly why it’s such an unpleasant experience, why it's so god-damn awful.

Because of that fear...



                                                                   Fading off into the black...


                                                                                                               Oh, it’s no fun.


From birth to the grave, death is all of those above coming at you at once. Each one rolled into the last as seamless as can be until it's just a giant sphere of black. One great pill to swallow down, right at the end without even a hint of choice in the matter. Down come the curtains, and all you really get is the assurance: the guarantees of that bolded ink patiently waiting on the last page, of the last chapter, of the last book.


The End.


Or… maybe not.