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A threat to the galaxy has come from another, and the Union of intelligent life will go to any length to stop it. Military Quarantine has held for hundreds of thousands of cycles. Traders, merchants, colonists, and Pirates live risky lives along the fringes as the politics from the inner systems fail to see the larger threats beyond their borders. A lone human finds himself far from home with no memories to how he arrived. A failing Trade vessel plays on a desperate gamble, while a malicious parasite searches for a suitable host.

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The Beast-verse

The Universe is vast, gigantic and irritatingly difficult to travel through at efficient speeds. So much so, that life has never left the galaxy. Instead, life had flourished within it. Over hundreds of thousands of years, in the form of a collective government known as The Union of Intelligent life.

The Galaxy itself has slowly become inhabited by these species as they spread their influence in search of suitable planets, and of other life, adopting new species as it spread. The governance is so ancient that the Union no longer is run by the founding species- who have long since died off or split into a plethora of subspecies.

As time stretched on, the collective has slowly slipping into complacency. Though there are legends and official records stating some rare few individuals and species that pursued higher goals, possibly even ascended with unthinkable technology, the vast majority still live as they always have. Stagnation and political infighting has become a real threat to the Union as a whole, and may have even torn it apart were it not once again united for the common cause of Quarantining the Consumption. If not for that shared and common danger, the Union would have fractured long ago.

The Union of Intelligent Life

This is the main governing body within the Galaxy. At best estimation over 400,000 Cycles in age, this conglomerate has been set to run along ancient procedures. Mostly bureaucratic in nature upon its foundation, this governance holds power along elected representatives based on population size, but much more importantly: the influence and wealth of the species indoctrinated. Well established species of the Inner Systems control a majority of the power, and have long since established monopolies on most industries and standard level of technologies used to elevate newer races into the Union.

Many of those who fall within this categorical assessment of the "Inner Races" consider themselves descendants of the original Union Founders. The immense age of the Union makes this very difficult to proof, though the periodical revival and reassessment of ancient history through the use of Data Crystals does seem to substantiate at least some of those claims: The Gastruca, for example, can trace their lineage back directly- where many others have long and convoluted path-lines of ancestry.

The only true competition in Governance to the Union of Intelligent life lies in the hands (as well as claws and other miscellaneous forms of appendages) of the "Fringe species." These were the last species historically to meet with the Union and become indoctrinated, and most home-worlds and colonized planets therefore lie far outside of the "Inner Systems," many of which are dangerously close to the Quarantine lines. These races are still fairly independent beyond what initial agreements were forced on them for their uplift to Union level technology, and more often than not heavily incorporated within the secretive foundation known as the "Trader's Guild."

The Consumption

The only know "life" to have come from outside of the galaxy, its origins are a puzzle with no clear answer. Though it does not appear to be intelligent, it is ruthlessly effective in its purpose. Spreading from the original infection at the borders of the Union, it consumes planets, and then bursts them apart with tremendous reactions. Some of these have been cited to follow principals similar to "Warp Jumping" or teleportation.

Slowly but surely, it would have reduced the entire Milky-way galaxy to dust if it had not been intercepted in time. The Consumption has now been steadily pushed back by the lines along the fringes, and slowly being eradicated. The lines hold it in a Quarantine, which stretches an unfathomable distance using a combination of advanced technology, and dedicated fleets controlled by enlisted soldiers.


There are two main types of technology within the Union" Ancient and New-Age.

Ancient technology is derived from the original founders and long since forgotten species that have died out or ascended. This category of technology can be replicated through existing methods, but altering the function or purpose of this level of technology is extremely difficult- and often results in disaster.

New Age technology is tech that has been developed by an individual species in "recent" times. Examples of this can range from things as insignificant as species specific combat suits, to some as dramatic as alternative variations of commercial FTL drives.

The most advanced technology in active use is the Ancient tech focused along the lines of the Quarantine. A large AI "Safety Net" was assembled over tens of thousands of years to hold the deep space sections of the Quarantine, as well as to assist with the lack of available man-power when clearing infected systems. To maintain this Array of AI, Self aware mechanized units were designed for long term service. Due to the vast nature of the Quarantine- which spans countless light-years of distance, many of the SA units have fallen into a physical and mental state of irregularity. The number of ships in the AI Array is thought to be in the trillions, and the number of SA units calculated to be several billion.

From a wide perspective: Technology ranges between species and political agreements. For the majority of life within the Union- especially along the fringes, it can be both advanced and primitive at the same time. For a true explanation of this description, the issue of "Communication" is the most accessible of examples available.


In local systems communication is relatively quick and effective, but beyond those, long-distance communication is only possible through a complicated and dangerous system of messengers. FTL travel is, and has been possible since the foundation of the Union, but such travel is by no means instantaneous, and still requires a ship to have an entire crew in order to be performed safely over longer periods of time.

Warp jumping is the main method of System to System Communication, outside of regular and large scale data hub transportation along heavily protected Military Fleets. For the purposes of political secrecy, and immediate retrieval of information from long-scaled distances: Warp jumping is the only viable option. Under this premise, such methods are very popular among the Inner System elite for passing messages beyond their local borders.

Medical Technology:

The Union of Intelligent Life relies heavily on the technology of their ancestors known as "Nanites."

At the most basic concept the Nanites are extremely small synthetic machines that repair damage at a unfathomably small level by using a hosts nutritional reserves for fuel. Though they are still in mass production, Nanites are generally considered an ancient technology, and therefore not something that can be altered in any dramatic fashion.

Numerous methods and varieties to use Nanites exist, though outside of the military functions most are less aggressive. Medical solution pods are common for most vessels, where a solution can dilute the Nanites down to a lower concentrations as a safety precaution. Many species lack the "Fuel" required to keep Nanites functioning for long periods of time. The greater a creature's metabolism and density, the more pronounced an impact and life-span the technology will have.

Language Technology:

The Union has a single "True" language known as Union Standard. This has two dialects: Union Formal and Informal. The second is not recognized, but occasionally used to simplify statements. When speaking in Union Formal, misunderstanding is extremely difficult by nature of the language- with only a few recorded incidents of such things ever considered. Of those, a large majority were reviewed and ultimately considered biological error. With this foundation and history considered, the language is a very preferred medium for communication by two foreign entities. Some consider the language itself to be a legacy form of Ancient Technology based on extremely complicated logic.

By law, all species operating within the Union must be capable of communicating with this language. For those not willing to dedicate years of their lives to that process, there is technology available. Often, it is referred to as a "Net" or an "Overlay." These are all terms used for the generic translator used by the Union.

Physically, this device is an extremely thin physical device that molds itself into the individual wearing it. Upon first contact it will direct known and programmed languages within its library and adjust them for the host. This can also function to adjust a creature's speaking language, in addition to comprehension. Over time the device will sink into the host, and eventually dissipate. It is common for those in long stretches of service to "Overlay" multiple times in order to maintain reliable communication between other species.


New: Concept Art

Red Scar:

Yitale: Siren Shipmaster of the Red Scar. Originally bonded to the previous Shipmaster, she had two Spawn: Syzah, and Sonat. Military background, with extensive combat and piloting experience, she has struggled with the political side of trading in the Milkyway Galaxy after being forced to take up the mantle of Shipmaster after her mate's death.

Syzah: Siren, son of Yitale and the deceased Sol. Very capable learner, but relatively young. He shows the potential to be a remarkable pilot given time to hone such skills. Often at odds with his sibling Sonat.

Sonat: Siren, Daughter of Yitale and the deceased Sol. Extremely intelligent, to the point of what would be considered genius for any species of the Union. She is arrogant and rather un-admitting of mistakes, mostly because she rarely ever makes them. Has a high proficiency in technology used throughout the Union due to a lack of interesting activities available to her aboard the trade ship.

Di'her: Siren, Medical officer aboard the Red Scar. Originally hired as an Engineer before switching over to the medical department of the ship. The first Siren to recognize that the human was intelligent, Di'her shares a unique bond with him.

The Human: Survivor of Humanity's final stand. Awoken from Stasis after a long period of drifting in deep space. Sold to the Red Scar Shipmaster Yitale as a ship guardian.

Juuso: Rullah Engineer aboard the Red Scar- hired after the incident which brought the ship fame. Capable in his profession, but mentally scarred after a short career along the 33rd lines. Possesses a very high-ranking family name, but is unwilling to claim that title because of harbored shame and dishonor on a personal level.

Ch'Korob: Oxot Engineer aboard the Red Scar. Has friendly relations with Juuso, Syzah, and Di'her. One of the only ordinary crew members beyond Di'her to hold any sort of extended conversation with the human.


Rukkali: Leader of the 33rd division of the Quarantine lines, he has the utmost respect of the Rullah and all other species under his command.

Hico: Mintrok, engineer stationed on the orbital station located near the 33rd lines. Proficient with military standards, and as one of the stronger species within the Union, more capable of using heavy weaponry.

Xios: Gemynd, Warpjumper for the Union. Extremely dissociated from the main body of his species due to constant solitary confinements in respect to his profession. Sociopath by all definitions, but extremely intelligent.

Gusto: Oxot, extremely talented in camouflage. One of the few surviving individuals left aboard the Gemynd control Drogoron.

Erazathii: Gastruca, very important politically having rubbed elbows (or whatever passes for elbows on a Gastruca) with many of the inner system senators for political movements. One of the supposed masterminds behind the breaking of the 33rd lines. Harbors a deep rooted racism of Fringe species, which most of the inner systems believe to be uprooting and stealing their political power and control.

Trader's Guild:

Saito Trohon: Known to many as "The Wrathbringer." He is a Rullah Shipmaster who was abandoned on a death-world by his first crew. Instead of dying, he captured and tamed a beast, surviving until rescue eventually arrived- detecting his communication system from orbit. He now has his original ship, and a new crew... extremely powerful influence among the Rullah as well as the Trader's Guild. His family name holds the human equivalent of Royalty.

Uthline: Elected speaker and informed negotiator of the Trader's Guild Council.

Hellion of the Shell: A Mintrok Shipmaster who has recently obtained the rank to attend the Council of the Trader's Guild. Known for Ruthless decisions.

Dervash of the Legion: A Shipmaster on the Council of the Trader's Guild.

Iizayz, Seeker of the depth: A Shipmaster known for careful decision and intellect. Is rumored to have flown beyond the edge of the Galaxy to meditate on his life's true purpose before joining the Trader's Guild and rising to the rank of a council member and Shipmaster.


Author's Note: This list will continue to grow

There are hundreds of species within the Union of Intelligent Life. Many are considered lesser as they lack large armies, assets, or establishments within the governance. The most powerful of the species are those from the inner systems- with very few exceptions in regards to a select few among the fringe worlds.

Gemynd: Parasitic shape molding species, capable of restructuring their bodies to match organic material in almost infinite ways. After their true predatory nature was revealed during the "Uncovering," in which thousands of murders within the Union were revealed over a short period of time, the Gemynd were subjected to a purge of their more violent and primal-natured individuals. Most remaining Gemynd are kept on short leashes and used in the military service, security, and as warp-jumpers. Extremely intelligent. Medium level psychic influence, can form high level clusters capable of psychokinesis in rare circumstances.

Gastruca: A sluglike species from the inner systems of the Union. Fully immersed in politics, these creatures are some of the longest lived of all intelligent life. Their linage can also be traced back farther than any others, having descended from a founding race- of the Union itself.

Oxot: Reptilian creatures with unique physical characteristics. Capable of camouflage- though it varies by individual, and detecting vibrations through specialized scales in their feet, these are considered to be some of the more physically durable species within the Union. They also have several redundant organs. Of those that have left the fringes, many serve as soldiers, or as engineers on trade vessels.

Rullah: By far the most warlike of all of the species with the Union, and often found in military service along the fringes, this species holds cultural traditions and honor above all else. Rullah are known to hold positions as Mercenaries, Engineers, Merchants, Traders, and Soldiers. Six limbed, they have a streamlined body which usually rely upon movement from the lower four limbs. When facing an opponent, they will often rear up on their back legs to tower over their enemies while using four arms for combat. Streamlined and covered in micro-fine scales, the species is known for loyalty, but only after it has been earned. They are infamous for their ability to go into what is known as the "Death dance" in which a mortally wounded Rullah will mentally break all limitations and go into a frenzy.

Sikka: Warty frog-like creatures that are primarily carnivorous. A unique body structure has allowed their species to remain in similar form to their ancestors, even after thousands of generations of non-terrestrial living. Often used a military shock troopers with a specialization in close quarters fighting.

Siren: A mammalian-like species that is famous throughout the Union for it's dedication to trade. Generally covered in thin, short pale blue or green fur, many have a mane which travels down from their head to their tails. Known to be one of the first species to truly explore beyond the fringes of the Union, their trade ships carried needed goods to colonists along the frontiers, even before the Quarantine came into effect. Though no longer a common practice, the most successful of these trade ships would capture or purchase dangerous primal creatures from outside of the Union's controlled borders, and train them as guardians. In the ancient days of trade, such beasts were often the only thing that stood between the crew and the certain death that came with raiding and pirate vessels. Capable of psychic level bonding, though the full extent of which is not well known outside of their own culture and the secured archives of the Trader's Guild.

Mintroks: Crustacean like sentient beings. Often found along the fringes, their ancient ancestors were herbivorous. Higher gravity homeworld, but aquatic ancestry. Considered stronger than most other species in terms of sheer physical strength.

Alalozun: Birdlike species found throughout the Union, both within the Inner systems, and along the fringes. Extremely good eyesight.

Xizisi: Bug-like carnivorous species. Known to hunt on their homeworld for sport, they are a clan oriented species, operating in hives with several "Prime" members serving as leadership. Capable of seeing in the heat-spectrum of light.

Human: Military reports indicate that the one known individual was responsible for the elimination of an entire squadron of Sikka shock troops. Reports have combined with survivor testimony, to classify the Human species as a Class XIII military threat in traditional close quarters combat. More information pending, currently under the protection of a Shipmaster Yitale within the Traders Guild.