The Snake Report


Hello, and welcome to The Snake Report.

If you're wondering what you've stumbled into, I can't blame you. In short, this is an online story written by me (wercwercwerc) about a person who dies in a rather unimpressive way only to get a second shot at life in a fantasy world... which sounds a bit cliche, doesn't it?

Oh, I can already hear you: "Haven't I read something like this before?" Something-something, boring life, something-something, lands in a magical world. Of course they're going to become the hero and save the day. Hey, maybe while they're at it, they'll even have a magic sword and a ragtag team of misfits to help them while they fight evil and save the world, right?

Ha... No.

Oh sure, there's magic in this story. There are spells, wizards, mages, ancient artifacts: you name it. There are battles too,with Knights in armor, Paladins singing tales of war and gods. Even Adventurers, seeking treasure and secrets long forgotten, venturing down in the darkest depths of deepest dungeons. Heck, I'm sure at least somebody might have a magic sword, but...

Well, lets just say that the hero of this story isn't one of them.

No, they're not a warrior destined for greatness, or a gifted noble with vast fortunes. They weren't born as a soon-to-be rugged Adventurer seeking fame, or some lucky peasant who turned out to be the "chosen one." As fate would have it: they weren't born as a human at all.

 They're a tiny snake.

And they're in way over their head.


Artwork by Magda, over at deviant art: [Check out her work!]